Ricochet Poker

A new casino poker game by James Ernest

Winner: Silver Medal, 2018 Casino Journal’s Best New Table Games Competition!

Ricochet Poker is a new casino game created by 23-year tabletop game inventor James Ernest. It is a pit game for up to seven players and a dealer, played lightning-fast and entirely face up.

All players and the Dealer make the same starting bet, and these bets go into a single pot. In order from the lowest to the highest starting hand, all players have the option to fold or complete their hands, and then the high hand takes the pot.

Ricochet Poker is engineered for fast play and maximum excitement, and every rule feels like a benefit to the players:

• Two unlimited side bets: Quickdraw and Cover Bet!
• Bonus payouts for high hands, win or lose!
• Dealer’s hand is visible from the start!
• Dealer folds high hands without withdrawing her bet!

Thanks for playing!